LG had a lean year in 2016 with the G5 not selling well at all but ended the year with a modicum of success with the impressive V20 and this year are hanging their fortunes on the G6. The G6 is getting a little bit leaky lately, which is not a surprise with an announcement planned for press day at Mobile World Congress.

Today Australia’s Business Insider has gotten their hands on a picture showing the back of the G6. While it doesn’t give much away it is most definitely the G6, as it is labelled so, and fits when compared with previous leaks. Also visualised is the rear mounted fingerprint sensor, dual rear cameras and is a very shiny black colour.

We have seen various leaks regarding the G6 with the design looking very classy. I’m not sure how the shiny black, plastic-looking cover fits with that design philosophy but what is apparently known is that it will sport a 5.7in 2k display with an 18:9 (2:1) aspect ratio.

All will be revealed on February 26 where we will have Chris on the ground at the announcement in Barcelona to find out all the juicy details.

Source: Business Insider.
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Andrew White

Recently sourced the physical dimension of the G6 and it is 4mm narrow than the G4 and the same length.
If true, it means the fat really has been trimmed..G4 (5.5″) – G6 (5.7″).
The inclusion of heat pipes gives the device increased longevity. Brilliant move by LG.
Don’t really care about a non-removable battery if, as elegant looking as it is, it doesn’t break easily or drown.
No regular protective gorilla glass either…maybe more sensitivity was needed when taking those underwater 4k videos.
Still would like a chrome back/body option.


V20 has very very limited availability. I honestly doubt they made a lot of money from it