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According to trademark filings in The Netherlands, LG appears to have taken out the trademarks for a range of plausible LG G6 variants, though it’s entirely possible that not all of them relate to actual products, and instead may relate to options for products down the line. That the LG G6 will be announced in a few weeks is no secret, with LG confirming as much and rumours going down the same path.

Take a look at the list of applications filed below, thanks to GSMInfo.NL:

Probably the most interesting of these are the G6 Compact and G6 Lite, with the rest of the product names seeming quite a bit more fanciful. Why do Compact and Lite stand out? Because they’re very plausible, and we’ve seen other brands do Compact and Lite variants, and LG themselves are not new to doing variations on a theme.

Looking at IP Australia’s trademark database, there’s no mention of other LG G6 variants. In fact, the only reference to the LG G6 was filed some time ago, presumably as a prospective / planned device, rather than something confirmed at the time.

It’s interesting to note that, besides these trademark filings, there’s been no hint of multiple variants of the G6; that’s not to say they couldn’t appear down the line, but will we see them announced at MWC? I doubt it. Not without further evidence, at least.

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