With most of the details about Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S3 already leaked, it looks as if there was one detail that everyone missed. According to SamMobile, who are usually pretty much on the money when it comes to Samsung leaks, the Tab S3 will come with an S Pen in the box as well, and with all those returned S Pens as part of the Note 7 recall, what better to do with them …

Look, we say that in jest, but the S Pen is actually a rather useful tool, and we’re more than happy to see more Samsung devices supporting it, and coming with one in the box. The only downside here? There’s not rumoured to be a place within the tablet to store said S Pen, meaning you’ll have to carry it with you somewhere.

Confirming what we’ve already heard, the Galaxy Tab S3 will feature a 9.6-inch, 2,048 x 1,536 display, Qualcomm’s well tested Snapdragon 820 processor, and 4 GB of RAM on board. Android Nougat should be no surprise, which will give a nice big tablet like this some welcome tablet features, such as resizable app windows. The Galaxy Tab S3 is expected to be announced in WiFi and Cellular models, though it’s unclear whether cellular models will be released here, as they aren’t always.

With an announcement at MWC 2017 expected in just three weeks, the time for an Australian launch is less clear. Samsung hasn’t announced tablets at MWC in the past few years, so we don’t have a lot to go off. However, with carrier deals and customisation not really an issue in tablets, there’s every change Samsung could have the Galaxy Tab S3 on shelves in Australia within weeks of the announcement.


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It’s true though that they have a surplus of pens… Otherwise they would’ve designed a slot for it….