Lenovo today dashed a few dreams announcing that the rumoured Chrome OS version of their Yoga Book which leaked last month, is in fact simply a larger version of the Yoga Book which launched here last year.

The Lenovo A12 Yoga Book has seen some cuts from the original to get the price down, it will launch for $299US later this week, so expect some things to not be included – or changed, like the Halo Keyboard, which on the original could be used for taking notes with a pen, but on the A12 will only be performing keyboard functions.

Hardware wise the Yoga Book A12 is an Intel powered machine with an Intel X5 processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. The newer model Yoga Book has a larger screen featuring a 12.2″ display at 720p resolution – a small step down from the FullHD in the original.

The Yoga Book will still be able to swivel around from a laptop style clamshell to a more traditional tablet mode thanks to the 360-degree watchband hinge.

The Yoga Book A12 hasn’t been announced for Australia as yet, but will sell for $299 when it officially launches on February 8th in the US where it will be available in Gold or Grey.

Via: Android Central.
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    I’m considering getting the original as I wouldn’t mind having a new tablet.