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Google’s range of Live Cases, cases which are custom printed and include an NFC button connected to an app on your phone, has grown today with Telstra now selling Google Earth themed live cases through their website.

The cases, like the ones available through the Google Store, are priced at $60, and can seemingly be ordered by anyone, though the cases only fit the Pixel or Pixel XL – sorry Nexus 5X and 6P owners – both of which are available only on a plan in Australia through Telstra.

The Google Earth Live Cases feature imagery gleaned from Google Earth, including images that show images of things like the ‘ice formations in Antarctica, the beaches of the South Pacific or the rolling deserts of East Africa’.

The companion app, which performs different functions based on which type of Live Case you purchase, will let you explore Google Earth Locations when you buy a Google Earth Live Case – or you can be boring and use it to open your favourite app.

The cases are pretty decent, though both Scott and I found the button on the rear to be a little hard to press when we had a look at them.

If you’re in the market for a new case, you can order the Pixel or Pixel XL Google Earth Live Case from Telstra now.

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