If you’ve been sitting on the fence about getting a Pixel Daydream View combo due to price perhaps the latest deal from JB Hi-Fi may just tempt you. If you buy any Pixel device (ie pixel or Pixel xl in 32 or 128 GB capacity) you’ll get a Google Daydream View for free, yes free!

That’s a total saving of $119 – the cost of a Daydream View headset. Currently, JB is offering the Pixel in 32 GB in both Very Silver and Quite Black for $1079 or with 128GB for $1229, and the Pixel XL only in a Quite Black 32GB configuration for $1269.

Neither Google or Telstra are matching the offer, and you can get deals on the Pixel or Pixel XL if you shop around, but this is pretty attractive pricing. Overall this equates to a maximum discount of around 9%, but seeing as the Pixel doesn’t see a lot of sales this may be the deal you’ve been waiting for.

Source: JB Hi-Fi.
Thanks: Jamie S.
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Luckily there is no XL 128g


As someone who bought a Pixel at JB early on and keeps thinking about getting a Daydream VR, i’m feeling shafted at this point.
I’ve no intention of paying $120 when everyone else is getting it for free now!

Adam J

Buying a Pixel in itself is a $hafting, so just take a bit more! 😉