Google Maps for Android is getting a neat usability update from today with a new tab being added that will allow you to easily access more information with one-touch. The new tab will include information on places nearby, commute info and travel time to work or home.

As you can see in the screenshots, you will find three tabs, the places tab will show you information on “best dinners,” “cheap eats” or “business dining,” nearby, all fuelled by information from Google’s Local Guides – a great program to participate in by the way. The Driving tab will show you information about your commute to work or home if you have your work and Home addresses stored in Maps. Finally, commuters will get information on which bus, train, tram or ferry will get you to your next destination the fastest.

According to Google the update will be arriving on Android from today, as usual there will be a slow rollout of the app but be patient it will be there soon.

Google Maps
Google Maps
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Price: Free

Source: Google.
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    I’m most interested in the Transport option; always nice to be able to toss apps whose functions are covered by others – in this case Moovit and the like.

    Dennis Bareis

    I don’t seem to be able to start navigation in public transport mode, there is no button to do so, haven’t done it in a while but never had an issue before either….