Following the somewhat-disputed leaked images of the imminent Samsung Galaxy S8 showing a fingerprint sensor next to the rear camera, not below it, we now have our second confirmation that this really is how the final product will look. If the leaked images of the official S8 case by Samsung are to be believed, we may be entering a new generation of smudgy smartphone photography.

The leaked shots who both the sizes of the case rumoured to be 5.7″ and 6.2″ along with the Samsung branding and a rather unappealing camera and fingerprint sensor line up. The case also suggests the power button will be on the right, volume rocker on the left and the bottom of the case has a large opening which MAY support dual or perhaps even stereo speakers and hopefully our beloved headphone jack.

With the phone not expected to launch at MWC in a few weeks, we’ve still got over a month until the expected launch event in New York to see how the final product shapes up. While I’m glad Samsung are finally eschewing the hardware buttons for onscreen controls I’m less convinced about this fingerprint sensor location.

Source: HDBlog.
Via: 9to5Google.
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Saifee Akil

I am not a big fan of Samsung but after the fiery debacle I was hoping for an improved design/aesthetic. The camera and fingerprint sensor looks ordinary and so outdated.

Jamie S

Why in the world they place a FP sensor there is beyond me. I hope it’s some other type of sensor (heart rate/blood alcohol) and the FP sensor is embedded in the display.


the hope is strong with this one


its because of the battery i expect them to most likely use the same battery from the galaxy s7 seeing it had no problems and to build back trustcomment image