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We’ve seen plenty of leaks of the upcoming LG Watches made in partnership with Google, and now we’re about to see a few more, with GSMArena publishing photos sent to them by a Best Buy employee which show off the LG Watch Style in its retail packaging.

The partnership with Google is clear and confirmed, with the retail box showing “Made with our friends at Google” prominently on the front of the packaging. We also know exactly what the LG Watch Style’s front will look like. As you can see below, the Watch Style will have a round face, a single button on the right, and (what looks like, at least) fairly standard straps.

There’s not much else given away here, except we now know what to look for on the shelves, if they ever go on sale here! The sticker on the back gives a little away, including the LG-W270 model name, and that the LG Watch was manufactured in Korea in January, meaning distribution is likely well underway.

In a clear sign that the launch is imminent, the user manuals have also been published online by LG, if you know where to find them. Here are the links to the two manuals:

To save you reading the entire things (which of course, you’re welcome to) here are some highlights which we’ve found browsing through them both.

First, the buttons. Each of the Watch Style and Watch Sport features a rotating crown as rumoured, which can be used to navigate apps and notifications with a twist, similar to the Apple Watch. The Watch Sport has two extra buttons that let you launch apps directly — by default, it’ll be LG’s Fit Workout app and Android Pay, but you can set them to whatever you like. They also operate as a volume rocker for calls on the watch.

In terms of sensors, the LG Watch Sport will have a heart rate monitor, GPS and barometer, NFC and more.. whereas the Watch Style won’t get any of that.

Both are charged without fiddly docks or hard to attach cables, with the Watch Sport offering a charging cradle, and the Watch Style sits on a flat charging pad.

The Watch Sport does indeed come with cellular connectivity, with the inclusion of a tool to help change the SIM card which sits behind the bottom plate of the watch.

It appears watch bands may be changeable on both, though it will be a lot easier on the Watch Style which supports MODE bands, whereas the Watch Sport appears to use more standard watch pins.

There’s more in there, but that’s the highlights. Let us know what you find!

Source: GSMArenaLG US.
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