Motorola, or rather Lenovo now, are beginning their Nougat push starting this week with the Moto Z and Moto Z Play as well as the Moto G4 Plus.

The update is beginning to push to phones from this week bringing all the goodness of the Android 7.0 update which includes the dual-pane multi-tasking as well as more efficient notification controls and improvements to Doze which should make for better battery life. Also included is new emoji support – you get 72 new emoji! – as well as DayDream compatability for the Moto Z phones.

While the announcement has been made today it does look like Lenovo has been pushing it to some Moto Z owners in Australia already. Adam advised us last month that he had received the Nougat update on his Moto Z purchased from Harvey Norman:

Word on when other devices in the Moto range such as the Moto X Play, Style and Force, all of which went on-sale last year, will receive the Nougat update hasn’t been announced. However they will be getting Nougat according to their software update page

If you own a Moto device in the list, you can start checking under Settings to see if the update is available.

Have you received the Nougat update for your phone? Let us know

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Joshua Walker

I still don’t have the Moto G4 Plus Nougat update yet. It’s now March and I still don’t have it.


Yes, just went to check for a system update on my Z Play and 7.0 is available; will wait til home tonight on Wifi before kicking it off tho.


My Moto G4 Plus got the update yesterday. All seems well and as I live in a fringe area for cell coverage it seems way better after the update..

Brodie Yg

There technically incorrect about the android 7 update for the moto G4 plus starting this week as it’s been going to handsets for over the last 2 weeks which is when I got my update of android 7 on my moto G4 plus XT1642 AUS model. Been enjoying official android 7 via OTA for two going on three weeks know.


I hope the X Play update is not too far off. I had hoped the last security update might have been it but it obviously wasn’t. It would be good if it could give back the battery life we had we the phone started out as 6.X seem to actually go backwards at least for me when it was meant to significantly extend life. I think I did read somewhere when I was seeing how far the update was off a month or 2 ago that a website suggested that we might get 7.1 instead of 7.0 too due to… Read more »


I checked for and installed the security update this morning, and just now after checking again the nougat update is available. You might want to check again now ? (I’m on a Moto z play)


Good for you but if you read I have X Play 🙁