We live in a worldwide economy where, thanks to the Internet, everyone is closer than ever before. It can be difficult to communicate with others due to language barriers. Australian developers have created an app that “provides real-time and accurate translation of up to 90 languages”.

The app, DoTalk, not only translates messages in real-time but can also be used as an ordinary chat between people in the same language.

DoTalk uses proprietary technology to enable users to “simultaneously engage in cross-language communications easily and more accurately than any other messaging app available”. There are six different translation APIs and speech recognition tools working together to provide accurate translations.

Aussie founder Reno Nicastro says that:

Our goal with DoTalk was to create a free, fun and easy-to-use app which provides an open forum for people to easily connect and communicate, regardless of language barriers or location and without delay.

With applications across everyday life, from business to travel, dating and everything in between, now nothing will be lost in translation. We live in a truly global economy so DoTalk has benefits for absolutely everyone.

Whether you are travelling, booking a cab or hotel overseas, want to communicate with international relatives, someone exotic you’ve met online, as the modern-day pen pal, or you just want to learn another language – DoTalk is the tool to connect you to people regardless of where they are or what language they speak.

DoTalk provides a fully integrated chat app service that includes the following features:

DoTalk has been in testing for a while now and has registered users in many countries with the most used languages being English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French and Indonesian.

DoTalk provides a fully integrated chat app service that includes the following features:

  • Real time translation of 90 different languages through the app or Internet enabled device
  • Instant voice translation for 50+ languages
  • Voice to text dictation
  • Group chat including simultaneous translation in conference
  • Private messaging
  • Send and receive files
  • Search and add friends
  • 256 Bit encryption/MP4 file storage
  • Instant sync across devices

They are looking to continue to expand the app with the roadmap including the ability to save the chat history to PDF, group chat, webcam chat and cloud sharing of files.

The app is free to use with unlimited translation and unlimited friends. Google Play lists there being in-app purchases but I am yet to find any within the app so maybe they will come with the added features in the future.

Here are Ausdroid we like to support Aussie developers so please head on over to the Play Store and check it out and see if it is something you may find useful.

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    Unless I’ve misunderstood, this is one of those apps that will be wonderful if ‘everyone’ uses it but next to useless if only ‘some’ people use it.

    I really can’t see me persuading my french friend to adopt it, which would involve her either having to run two separate messaging apps or convincing all her fellow french compatriots to switch to a new messaging app that would give them very little, if any, benefit over their present preferred options.


    Let myself to use a messaging app is so easy, just let half of my contacts use it. That’s all. That’s how WeChat does.


    Saluton. Mi ŝatas la Esperanton opcion.