The Polar M600 was, for me, the fitness tracking device of the year last year. The fitness focus was amazing, and Polar is about to make it even better with an update to Android Wear 2.0 which will also bring new swimming metrics.

The update to Android Wear 2.0 was announced yesterday, and Polar has announced that the update will be headed to watches soon – this ‘Spring’ to be exact, that’s Spring in the northern hemisphere so Autumn for us southern hemisphere types.

The Polar M600 has several fitness tracking programs built-in to the watch for running, cycling and various indoor and group exercises, but for swimmers there’s been very little to use for a watch that’s actually waterproof. That will change with this update with Polar announcing indoor swimming metrics are coming. Indoor swimming metrics will include the ability to measure distance and pace, and offer you data on how many strokes per minute, or lap you do. The swimming metrics will even be able to tell the difference between freestyle, backstroke, etc.

Technically the US Spring starts in March, so for Polar M600 owners there may not be long to wait till you see the update notification on your wrist – I’ll be taking the M600 for a long swim when this update hits and we’ll see how it performs.