In a bit of a ‘whoops’ moment, it seems that an alpha version of Google’s eponymous app rolled out, and while it was pretty unstable and buggy, users who have sideloaded the app since are reporting that they’ve gained access to Google Assistant.

With Google v.6.13, users of Nexus 6P and Alcatel Idol 4 have reported Google Assistant showing up and working, and reportedly other phones are showing up as supported as well.

On first run, users are greeted with a message informing them of the upgrade:

New! You just got the Google Assistant

From that point, pressing and holding down the home button reveals the typical “Hi, how can I help?” prompt which we’re used to on Pixel phones. Complete settings for Assistant are now available in the Google app, as are tutorials listing what Assistant can do.

From what we understand, this is likely an error, and will be corrected fairly quickly, either with a new app version and/or a server side switch to stop Assistant showing up where it shouldn’t.

If you like to live dangerously, you can download the alpha build of the Google app yourselves and try it out thanks to APK Mirror. If it starts to muck up and cause problems, you can always uninstall it, and reinstall from the Play Store to revert to a stable version.

Let us know how you get on!

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Isaac Douglas

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I’m not getting it on my moto G2 6.1


Didn’t work on my 6P when I tried it a few hours ago. But I did get all the new menu items/card layouts. Phone was getting hot and chewing through battery though so reverted to the latest beta again instead.


Still working for those that have it? I read somewhere they’ve switched it off server side

Jamie S

Still working on my M8

Bootloops Anonymous

Judging by the Android Police article, who gets it and who doesn’t seems random at the moment. For instance, two of the AP team sideloaded the apk on a Nexus 6P, one got it and the other didn’t.

Dean Rosolen

I don’t think this was an accident. I think this is just Google teasing us that Assistant will be making its way to other phones.

Jamie S

Working on HTC One M8 on stock 6.0 too
Edit: and and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro on stock 6.0.1

Greg Neal

I don’t get assistant on my HTC m8 5.0.1

Jamie S

Weird, why don’t you have 6.0?