Since the Play Store has been around, one function that has been lacking for developers is to make a paid app free – whether this is a permanent arrangement, temporary giveaway/special or some other motivation. The good news for consumers is that this appears to be rolling out to some selected developers.

Spotted by the guys over at Android Police, we’re yet to see any apps from Australian developers doing so. In fact at the moment there only seems to be a couple that have done so, Blaze and the Monster Machines seems to be the main reference point.

Out of curiosity, we’ve pinged messages to a couple of friendly developers about the change on the Developer Console. One of them was oblivious to the change citing that to their knowledge free apps could never become paid, unsure about the other way and another other stating this is news to them outright.

This could open the door to huge numbers of promotions, giveaways and a really happy marketplace for developers and consumers alike.

Update: It looks as if this may not actually be the case; Google has offered free education apps each week for a while now, and this may just be one of those. We’re looking into this further.

What apps can you just not bring yourself to pay for, that you’d jump on if they were free?

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