It looks like all the companies are starting to update their Android Wear apps for the 2.0 update, with fitness app Strava among the first to update to take advantage of the new functionality.

The newly updated Strava app has been updated to take advantages of the standalone nature of the new Android Wear 2.0 platform which allows the app to share data from the watch straight to your Strava feed. You can still track all the usual data, like time, distance, pace, laps and split times, heart rate and the only difference now is that you no longer need a phone connected to upload your data.

Strava’s new Android Wear 2.0 app, works whether you’re using iOS or Android as it’s running independently of the phone, all you need is a data connection, be it LTE or Wi-Fi.

It’s a bit of a moot point at the moment with neither of the new LG Android Wear 2.0 watches available here and none of the watches which will be getting the Android Wear 2.0 updates seeing their update yet. But, if you’re a Strava user, the watch app will be ready to download once you have the Android Wear 2.0 update.

Source: Strava.
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