Love, Liebe, Amore, it’s that time of year, Valentines Day is upon us again this week and if you’re wanting to stay in the good books with your partner then it’s time to organise something, and Google Play might be able to help with deals on romantic books, movies and music.

For a romantic night in, maybe try a romantic movie like Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing or The Proposal, or if you’re feeling a little more edgy try a zombie themed romantic movie like Warm Bodies. For a good deal you can catch Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson in What Women Want for just $4.99 in HD. There’s 40 odd movies for you to check out in the Valentines collection so check them all out on Google Play.

If you’re after maybe some romantic music, then maybe try the Romantic Music promotion which has ‘romantic’ music from artists like Ed Sheeran, John Coltrane, Maroon 5 and more.

If you’re facing a more solitary night in, perhaps try a book from the ‘Red Hot Romance’ collection. There’s a lot of books for sale starting from as little as 99c. I can’t say with any authority which of these are great, or even good literature but if you’re into this genre there’s probably some good deals here.

If you’re planning something for February 14th be it a present or maybe an outing with your partner, Google has rounded up a range of apps for you to organise a Valentines Day gift or date. You can check out apps for booking a movie, a hotel or even a dinner date.

Finally, it looks like some game developers have a soft spot for L’amour, theming their games for Valentines Day. Some big names are jumping on board with Valentines Day themes including Pokemon Go, Minecraft and even Goat Simulator Waste of Space plus lots, lots more. Google has rounded them all up in an app focus on Google Play for you to check out.

There’s loads to check out, head over to Google Play and check out all the deals.

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