When I reviewed the LG V20 last year I was extremely impressed with the sound the Quad DAC inside produced. It was an amazing sound that had to be heard to be believed. Not resting on their laurels, LG have today announced that their new flagship, the G6, will receive an even better, upgraded quad DAC.

The new quad DAC will be able to control the left and right earphones individually creating a more accurate sound reproduction while reducing noise. The distortion rate is lowered to 0.0002%, or “luxury audio level”. Over all the new quad DAC will “broaden the path for transmitting sound signals and delivering high-capacity sound sources quickly and accurately.

The new quad DAC will once again be supplied by ESS, a company that specialises in high performance audio chipsets. As the name suggests, the four DACs are on a single chip helping to decrease the noise even further. The improved circuit integration of the chip lowers that negative distortion rate and minimises the loss of acoustic information. This results in a more accurate reproduction of the true sound to the listener.

Considering the quality of the sound in the LG V20 I am intrigued and looking forward to the LG G6 when Managing Director of Korea Mobile Group at LG Electronics, Lee Sang-Gyu, says:

We will deliver new value to consumers with the best smartphone sound we have not experienced before.

The LG G6 will be announced on February 26 at MWC and is expected to arrive with a 5.7-inch 2K display with an aspect ratio of 18:9, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821. Not only that, but the G6 is expected to use Google Assistant as its AI, inside an extremely attractive and stylish package.

So, is anyone tempted by the LG G6, especially with the confirmed upgraded quad DAC? As always, stay tuned to Ausdroid for all your MWC news. One thing for sure, Chris will be all over the LG G6 when he gets over there.

Ed. I’ll be on it like a rash. -C

Source: LGE Social.
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Gavin Bowd

Is it confirmed the Aussie version has the quad DAC?

Leonardo Hunter

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I hope this catches on. Since HTC stopped caring or being able to make a coherent phone, noone else has made a phone that cares about the audio.


Hopefully the price will not be inflated considering the ever higher aussie dollar. After a brief return to Samsung and their curve crack magnet, the G6 might lure me back as long as the camera is up to G4 standards or better.