If blistering fast LTE speeds is you thing, and you live or work with in 5KM of a CBD then Telstra’s recently demonstrated Gigabit over LTE mobile service may be for you. Following the launch event earlier this month, Telstra has now launched both the new Netgear Nighthawk M1 wireless router and their new data plans. Both the Gigabit LTE service and the Nighthawk M1 are world exclusives to Telstra.

Telstra want’s to make sure you’ve got multiple ways to get your hands on the Nighthawk M1 with mobile broadband, home wireless broadband and business plans all on offer. What’s better is even if you don’t want the Nighthawk M1, the new data plans will still be available.

Go Mobile Data Plus Plans

The new Go Mobile Data Plus Plans offer the choice of either an older 4GX USB Wi-Fi router or the new Nighthawk M1, which is free on all $45 plans for 24 months. The plans offer 1GB of data (+$9/ month payment on the Nighthawk M1) for $34/month, 10GB of data for $45/ month and 20GB of data for $70 per month. Both the 10 and 20 GB plans include the Nighthawk M1 for free when contracted over 24 months.

Mobile data will be included in any family share plans you may have.

Home Wireless Broadband Plus Plans

With the NBN being marred by significant delays, slow rollouts and politically motivated distribution of services many Australians find themselves with no real option to get anything approaching decent internet speed. With the Nighthawk even those not in the LTE x16 rollout zone will have access to faster home quality broadband, at a price.

The two new Wireless Home Broadband plans on offer are 40GB/ month for $100 and 80GB/ month for $150.Those data caps are only available for a limited time, so if you’re interested you may want to jump on the bandwagon now.

While this still isn’t in the realms of universally affordable broadband services, something we as a society should be striving for, it does at least provide an option for those who can afford it. I’d appreciate it if no one mentions what these things cost to my wife because I think I need one with a max speed of 2.5Mbps on my “broadband connection”!

Business Plans

Telstra are offering very similar plans to business customers with both Mobile and Office based Broadband pricings available.

During my hands-on with the Nighthawk M1 running on the upgraded LTE network in Sydney, I can attest that these things are impressively fast, especially when in range of the upgraded x16 towers.Even away from the x16 towers the Telstra 4G network is arguably one of the best and should still delivery around 100mbps in the right areas.

If you need a new WiFi access point and you can afford these data rates then I have no objection recommending them.

Source: Telstra.
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I don’t need 900mb/s, I just want a consistent 5mb/s for live video streaming. Will it give me that in a remote location?


Hi Duncan,
Did you notice if the M1 has any dynamic DNS options so it can be used for remote access?


This is very expensive. In Russia YOTA give you unlimited 4G for AUD$6.20 a month. Verizon in the states is cheaper than this and they are very expensive.


yet I see you need to live around 5klm. from cbd to use it, yet I was in Telstra shop yesterday which is over 20klm. from cbd. why would you be selling it or at least buying it if you live that far out of city. as most people live outer suburbs this might work as good

Gregory Eden

Optus offer 200GB for $80 via 4G on a 24 month contract with no cost for the Modem/WiFi Router. They call it “Home Wireless Broadband”.

Justin Flynn

From my research they call the speeds heavily for this. All I’m looking for is very than ADSL 2 upload speeds. Still searching haha


Unfortunately I have just checked the optus product and the speeds are limited. The optus website says “Speed: Whilst the Home Wireless Broadband service uses our 4G network, it is designed to be used in the home and its data speeds are different to mobile and mobile broadband speeds on our 4G network. In metropolitan areas where there is 2300 MHz coverage at your nominated address, download and upload speeds of up to 12/1Mbps are available. If 2300 MHz coverage is not available at your nominated address, download and upload speeds of up to 5/1 Mbps are available”

Gregory Eden

Yes but still way better than the 3Mbps ADSL 2+ I get here only 3Km from the exchange. I lay awake at night and dream of 12Mbps.

Justin Flynn

whats the point of those speeds with those data caps?


Example: A building company has setup a temporary office of 5 staff. They are waiting for their NBN connection to be installed so they are using Telstra 4G. Their Internet is going VERY SLOW because it’s a built up area with a lot of congestion, so the network is currently not giving this customer enough bandwidth to support 5 staff affecting their business. Now, with the NEW M1 modem it can seamlessly transmit data across different bands therefore increasing the available bandwidth in his location allowing him to use the internet. So it’s not specifically about reaching 1gb/s… it’s more… Read more »

Brad H.

So people can do their work and homework in the fastest speed possible without being tied to a static WiFi connection. Not all uses of the internet are for downloading files, man.

Justin Flynn

Please provide me an instance in your example where tethering to your phone wouldn’t be a better solution?


Don’t assume that it will be for one user.
If you are a business with a team working on-site and no other connection this would be good. Yes it is a stretch to need that speed but who knows.

Justin Flynn

I’m not assuming ganything… I am saying the data offerings aren’t great…

Justin Flynn

The technology is fantastic and I fully comprehend it’s features and abilities

Gregory Eden

There are many places where there is no ADSL or no ports available. This would provide a household connection. Although as I said above Optus have a way better deal.

Leonardo Hunter

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