After a long long wait for the “Google” Android Wear devices to finally launch, I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people feel that Google might have missed the mark with both devices, not to mention the ludicrous lack of international availability. What can we do when faced with such adversity? An internet survey of course.

Before you scoff, at least consider this exercise: we’ve put together a Build Your Own Android Wear survey, letting you get behind the specs desk and tell us what you think makes the Ultimate Android Wear device. Once we’ve received all of your submissions, we will merge the crowd-sourced pool of watch awesomeness into the Ausdroid Watch 2017. Of course, unless someone loses their mind, we’re never going to be able to build this watch, but it’s nice to dream.

So take the survey, configure your ultimate Watch and let’s see what we get!

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    Need to have an option for longer than 5 days, not 2 days. :p


    Make it not look like a dorky gadget, make it thin, and make it last a week.


    Transflective displays like the one that is in the Sony smartwatch 3 is what I would like to see.


    Certainly for me long battery life is key, which is why I bought and use a Garmin GPS watch instead which has a week long battery life generally.

    Joshua Hill

    I’d have preferred to see an option for storage size as opposed to ram size. You don’t really multitask on a smartwatch so ram size is largely irrelevant. As smartwatches are heading towards the ‘go for a jog without your phone and Bluetooth music from your watch’ use case the storage space for a music collection e.t.c is more important. I’d like to start seeing smartwatches with 8gb as opposed to the usual 4gb.

    Joshua Hill

    Basically I want a pebble/Android wear device. Loooonnnnnggggggggg battery life, approx. 1 week but slimish device. So at the moment I’m limited to an e-ink display but hopefully in the future we can have it all, awesome screens, great battery life and slim devices!!!


    Show be the <$100 option that doesn't look mickey mouse.

    Google should have bought pebble.

    Catherine Edwards

    I’d want fabric watch bands as an option, as well as a microphone.


    I’d just like some variety in the market. They are all going for similar shape, size and features these days.

    Where are thin dress style watches or high specced luxury watches. All we seem to get is fitness watches or watches that resemble a gshock but thicker.

    Joshua Hill

    Pebble went bankrupt, apparently people didn’t support this type of watch or pebble was poorly managed.


    It seems to be because fitness the main use case for smartwatches. Apple doubling down on fitness and health is evidence of that.