Every day. Every single day it seems I am writing something about the upcoming LG G6. LG is really building up the hype for this release and let’s not be mistaken, it is LG building up the hype. This many leaks must be orchestrated. We do know that they have leaked certain teasers to blogs over the past week or so with another one arriving at Android Central yesterday.

In a style that some here at Ausdroid originally thought was fake, LG’s teaser has the slogan:

Reliability. Check, check, check.

This could very likely be a reference to the bootloop issues that have plagued many LG devices in recent times (which LG still have not fixed and often deny being at fault). The G4, G5, V10 and V20 have all reportedly had this issue where the device goes into a spontanteous bootloop that cannot be recovered from with it making a visit to the LG service centre.

I’m not sure how LG plan to make the G6 more reliable than those bootloopers, especially considering they have not figured out why they are occuring nor how to fix them yet. I hope they can but as for many things I like to put the blame on the custom skin LG use. Maybe they are paring back the skin to be less obtrusive but unfortunately I find that very unlikely as many Asian manufacturers either seem to think that we like/prefer these skins or they don’t care. That is an opinion piece for another day.

The other teaser LG have sent out showsa very happy person with the quote “more reliable” on top of saying they don’t want to pay for cracked sceens. This may well point to the LG G6 display being protected by Gorilla Glass 5 which claims an 80% survival rate for device drops from 1.5 metres. LG needs a killer feature on this phone with all eyes on Samsung for their Galaxy S8 release not long after MWC and Gorilla Glass 5 could well be it.

This all follows on from the previous leaked placard in the similar design style where they mention “Less Artificial. More Intelligence.” This one is even more cryptic than todays. LG G6 has long been rumoured to come with Google Assistant as it’s AI but what do they mean by the more intelligence and less artificial? They have added to Google Assistant? They have a second AI onboard that has more intelligence? If it is in fact Alexa as the second AI (as has been speculated) it will not work here I’m afraid — not until Amazon decide to release it here. It will be interesting to see what exactly LG bring to the table with AI possibly being a differentiator between devices this year.

That’s it for todays LG G6 rumour roundup. Less rumour and more teasing today but I’m sure we’ll be back here in the next day or so to discuss yet another rumour or leak — at least until the big reveal on February 26 at MWC. Do today’s leak make you want the G6 any more than before? Or less because you are reminded of LG’s bootloop history and inability to remedy it?

Source: Android Central.
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Never buying another LG devices. Phone didn’t even last 12 months and was bootlooping. Unless they clearly states in their warranty that they’ll fixed all bootloop issues no question asked, what they are stating here are all just words. Their customer service are so horrid.


My G4 died last September due to the Bootloop issue, when it was just over 12 months old. Telstra replaced it with a new G5 – which died last Friday with a non-functional touchscreen. It’s really a pity, as when they work, they both worked well – I didn’t have any of the stutter or pausing issues my wife has with her Galaxy S6. After 2 hardware failures in 6 months, I’m sceptical about LG’s claim – but if it’s true, I might consider them again…


Apparently the G4 and V10 bootlooped because of inadequate soldering between the processor and motherboard, which degraded with heat over time and the SoC would be unable to communicate with the motherboard…


Bootloop check check check


More than likely this is merely a stab at Samsung and their battery issue of last year. I mean, how reliable is a phone if it catches on fire?

Major Sceptic

I think in light of LG’s own quality control issues , it would more an admission it has had some of its own problems and not be throwing barbs at Samsung for its one major note 7 fopar .
While the g5 has some good points , if you where to call the fit and finish rubbish you wouldn’t be far of the mark imo , with qc not far behind , and while i won’t knock lg for its shot at the modular thing , too my eyes it looked unfinished.
And I’m a G5 owner by the way.


LG phones are notorious of not lasting more than 12 months. And good luck in getting them repaired under warranty as they’ll try to find any reason under the sun not to cover it..

Brian Robinson

I had a G3 that they wouldn’t fix under warranty claiming I had tampered with the device. The only tampering I did was following their instructions to factory reset to get out of a boot loop. Have not bought another LG product since. Good Guys fixed it for me under warranty though after LG refused. Bought a new TV, Shaver, coffee machine from good guys.


Same here.. Not touching another LG device.. Not even their OLED TV even though they are so highly rated.. Once bitten.. Twice shy..


My guess is a better guarantee from LG, probably longer and more inclusive (I’d guess three years). They need to do something re the bootloops from the G4 which people keep attributing to their other phones too (all phones can suffer bootloops, the G4 was a manufacturing defect).

They also need to have sane prices at the start, otherwise people will just wait for the grey market price to fall – a self fulfilling prophesy.


My guess is they’ll throw in one free screen replacement or something similar like Huawei did…I don’t think they’ll wow us with anything great and won’t go the Apple route with quick and easy replacements. LG Australia in particular are exceptionally uncaring and arrogant when it comes to customer service in my experience

But you’re right about the price drops, they’ve really made a name for themselves of offering great specs for really cheap Prices if you simply wait a couple of months…you’d be crazy to pay AU Launch prices for anything LG


LG Australia gave me the worst customer service experience I’ve ever felt..