Google has today officially launched their shopping program for Google Home, allowing orders to be placed with over 50 retail partners in the US.

The feature first started appearing last night, and can be activated by asking Google Home ‘Ok Google, how do I shop?’ or simply placing an order such as ‘Ok Google, order paper towels’.

US Google Home owners will be required to setup a payment method under settings in the Google Assistant settings. US owners can go to the Google Home app, then to “More settings”, then scroll down to “Payments” to enter their payment details. We saw last night this setting hasn’t yet appeared here in Australia – basically because Google Home isn’t available here as yet.

As an introductory offer, Google is offering free shipping for orders placed through Google Home including waiving any additional fees until April 30th.

It looks like a big play for Google who is utilising their fairly extensive Google Shopping Express network they’ve built up over the last few years in the US. Even if Google brings Home to Australia, there’s a lot of work they’ll have to do with local suppliers to mirror this function here.

Source: Google.
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“You’ll see no service fees when ordering with Google Home until April 30, 2017.”

Meaning you WILL see service fees after 30th April – google are attempting to rake off a fee as gatekeeper.

Which is exactly the kind of thing that needs to get stamped on if it’s to be a viable route to market. There are too many people adding too many fees.


I’m increasingly thinking about taking the plunge and ordering a google home(even in the absence of features like this).

Once they are released here is the general consensus that any features available in Australia would be usable by them? I’m worried about having some kind of ‘america only’ variant. Also from memory its 110-240v right so just an adapter is needed?