Google’s Pixel phones are great phones and considering the Pixel was Google’s first foray into designing a phone, they have done remarkably well. Yesterday, Cnet wrote about the design process of the Pixel which was today linked to by the Pixel Product Lead. At the end of his post — over at the Pixel User Community — he asks for feedback.

The Pixel Product Lead in question, Krishna Kumar, mentions the article by Cnet calling it:

“a fascinating peek (A phone of Google’s own) behind the development of the Pixel design – from the design team endlessly obsessing over the angle of the phone’s edges and its feel in hand, to the texture of the power key, to colour selection and cheeky names – and some of the choices and trade-offs that went behind the Pixel design!”

There is little doubt that the Pixel phones are two among the best Android phones ever made but Krishna and Google are not resting there. The Pixel Product Lead went on to ask for feedback on the Pixel phones:

I would like to hear your thoughts. What do you like about the design? What do you hate about it? What did we get right? What would you like to see us improve?

As much as I love my Pixel (I recently named the family kitten after it – Pixie), I feel that there is definitely room for improvement in the Pixel XL 2.0. It seems I am not the only one. There are already quite a few posts with suggestions for future Pixel phones. The two most common suggestions and comments are the size of the massive bezels (shrink them please!) and the lack of decent front-facing speakers (which apparently goes against Daydream specifications I’m told) but a single, bottom-firing, mono speaker in a premium device is not good enough in my opinion. I am always accidentally covering the speaker while playing games.

We often do posts here regarding your perfect phone and they are always popular with you guys and girls. Now, with Google asking the question, it’s your chance to tell Google exactly what you like or dislike about the Pixels and what you want in your next phone and it just may happen. Google are listening — a grappling hook and laser are probably unlikely to make the cut though I’m afraid.

If you are interested head on over to the Pixel User Community and leave your comment/wishlist.

Source: Pixel User Community.
Via: 9to5Google.
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Ausdroid and other tech sites: “Google Pixel Product Lead asks for feedback”
BGR (Apple propaganda site): “Google wants to know what you think of the Pixel design it stole from Apple’s iPhone”


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Hardware, shmardware. When will Google deliver proper back up for app data that isn’t entirely dependent on what app developers do (or having root access, which now disables Android Pay)? Apple have had it in iOS since day one. I have no desire to move back to an iPhone, but getting a new Android phone is a fraught exercise in managing app data and the multiple and varied preferences in individual developer approaches. And in many cases, game performance seems to be something that jut has to be “lost”. Meanwhile, my wife’s new iPhone was completely set up with EVERYTHING… Read more »

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Ernest Morris

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Don’t bother asking for a lower price. This phone is competing with the iPhone and Galaxy series. It’s not a Nexus. The high price point is here to stay.

Major Sceptic

It’s fine to compete with high end brands, but doing so does not mean you have to charge ridiculous prices , sure it’s a good basic smart phone , but it’s far from fully featured , and in some areas clearly is only average .


And in some areas it is class leading like its camera, speed, cloud services and software experience. Many agree it’s the best Android phone available – you could even argue it’s the best phone, period. A lot of people couldn’t care less about front facing speakers or water proofing – just look at how successful the iPhone has been for all these years without these features despite competitors offering them. Don’t get me wrong, Google needs to up its game with the Pixel 2. Water proofing and front facing speakers are the logical additions. But the price of the Pixel… Read more »

Major Sceptic

We will have to disagree mate , but that’s ok, to each his own.
I wouldn’t buy a Pixel on principle, , it would be different if it was a fully featured device with exceptional quality, but from what I’ve seen it’s not .
As for being class leading, again it looks to me any single area it leads in is minute at best which does not make up for the areas it falls down in .
That’s my take on it , Edit: oh yeah , then there’s the price .
Have a good Day.


No worries mate. Agreeing is over rated anyway! 😉

Dean Rosolen

I have a pretty long list of things to think about for Pixel 2.0. Remains to be seen what will actually happen though. 1. Less bezel and make the bezel black across the colour range. 2. Front facing speakers. 3. Lower price in Aus. 4. More colour options available worldwide (I’d personally prefer a green option but that’s just me). 5. IP68 waterproofing. 6. Headphone jack on the bottom (providing they don’t get rid of it like a certain fruity company did). 7. Return of the Pixel light bar – preferably on the top front (could be integrated into the… Read more »


3. The price will be locked to the iPhone you can guarantee it.

IT Enquirer

Several hundred dollars knocked off the excessively high price wouldn’t hurt.