Just when all the other companies are ramping up to big MWC announcements there is not a word coming out of the HTC camp. We attended the Australian launch of the HTC U range a few weeks ago but are yet to hear anything from them regarding availability or price. We are now seeing leaks of what appears to be the HTC U Ultra appearing in Vodafone’s new TV ads.

Vodafone oopsie

In their latest ad discussing how a customer can customise their phone plan to how they use their phone a young skater girl is shown with a large blue shiny phone that looks distinctly like a HTC U Ultra. It’s big enough to be an Ultra and the design is most definitely a HTC U range phone. Interestingly, the same skater girl appears ont heir website but with a non-descript phone very obviously photoshopped into her phone.

This is not the first time we have seen this ad but the first chance we’ve had to snap a photo of it (and depsite watching the same channel for the next hour I was unable to see that ad again — Murphy’s Law). We have reached out to Vodafone for any further information on what appears to be a stunning device.

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Joseph Seph Sheu

I’m a Vodafone AU user with an U Ultra purchased in Taiwan at launch. Hopefully this means it will be carried in AU, meaning I can get some accessories lol. Also hoping VoLTE on it.


Let’s just hope and pray this isn’t going to be a Voda exclusive


No way we’re seeing these spam bots in here, too.


There’s a lot of spam going around at the moment. We block it as soon as we can.


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