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So, there’s this thing called an announcement this week for a phone apparently made by LG. Ausdroid is sending two staff along to it to garner all the information they can but you know what? Is there much point in still going? At the rate LG is announcing specs, there’s not much left to know. We know the processor, the display, the design and more. Now we know the camera details as well.

Coming from LG themselves once again today we see details of the camera. According to the very average Google translation, the G6 will have dual rear facing cameras with the main one being 13MP with an ability to shoot in 18:9 format (the G6 display resolution). This wide angled display will be capable of a 125 degree angle of view with both rear facing cameras at the same quality so there is no loss of resolution when changing the field of view and focus.

The front facing camera also has a new wide angled selfie mode, capable of shooting with a 100 degree angle of view. There will also be a range of selfie filters, which some people love to use, included in the software. The G6 also allows the user to create a GIF directly from the gallery with the manual selection of images.

While there doesn’t seem to be anything strikingly innovative with the camera it will be interesting to see how well LG handle the whole dual camera setup and transitions. LG have produced some very high quality phone cameras in the past and we expect the LG G6 to not be an exception to this.

I think with the translation referring to the LG G6 eliminating the dreaded “tuk tuk” phenomenon so common on premium smartphones we had better send the boys to the LG G6 launch to make sense of this new dual camera setup. Stay tuned to our coverage of MWC beginning next week for all the latest information as soon as it arrives.

Source: LGE Social.

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Outside of Ausdroid, Scott's a health care professional and lecturer at a well known Victorian university.

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Pity LG aren’t as good at supporting phones in market as they are at getting multiple and constant write ups about ones months before they’re actually available


Does LG even have 2% market share in Australia? Definitely not.

Ausdroid Reader

When your there ask them what happens when recording video to the SDCard does it, like my G4, stop once it hits 4GB, or will it continue to save? Yes, card is formatted in exFAT.


still its going to bootloooop like its brothers


Haters gonna hate

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