Foxtel and News Corp have today announced a new way to get your Footy fix, with a new streaming package available to new Foxtel Play and News Corp digital subscribers.

The ‘Full on Footy Pass’ is available as a 12-month contract worth $10 per week – that’s $520 for those playing at home – or for an additional $5 per week for News Corp Australia digital subscribers. The package for new Foxtel Play subscribers includes a digital subscription to either The Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail, Herald Sun or The Advertiser.

The Foxtel Full on Footy Pass includes access to Sports channels including Fox Sports 1-5, ESPN channels and more. But it’s not just sports, with the Lifestyle package which includes channels such as E!, TLC, Lifestyle Food and more, as well as a bunch of channels that Foxtel throws in for free like the Sky News channels, BBC World News and more.

Deanne Weir, Foxtel’s Managing Director – Content Aggregation and Wholesale, said,

The Full on Footy Pass offer brings together two of Australia’s leading media companies to provide an unbeatable host of sport and lifestyle programing alongside some of Australia’s best print news available anywhere. This bundle offers incredible value to sports lovers everywhere and brings with it our best lifestyle programming to stream live and on demand anytime, anyplace via Foxtel Play.

To access the content on your mobile device you’ll have to install the Foxtel Go app from Google Play, but to learn more about the Full on Footy Pass you can head to the Foxtel website.

Foxtel GO
Foxtel GO
Developer: FOXTEL
Price: To be announced
Source: Foxtel.
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    But is it bigger than 7″ ??

    OK, for those playing at home, please see all the coverage on the AFL streaming app that doesn’t do full screen… 🙂


    Give me just sports (even just Cricket) at half the price, and I’m in. Of course there’d need to be windows apps/osx apps too. Basically Foxtel I just want sports in HD at a reasonable price.


    If I could just subscribe to Fox sports on my Tbox I’d do it. But unfortunately I have to pay 20 bux for a whole bunch of crap that I don’t even want first. Bugger Foxtel!


    You can get NRL/AFL free if you are with Telstra mobile on POST-PAID and on PRE-PAID maintaining a minimum $30 re-charge. And its unmetered. Other carriers can get an AFL live pass for $90 a year. Foxtel has lost the plot years ago. Soon as they go belly up and the rest of the shows can move over to Netflix the better.


    …So it’s not just a footy pass!? It’s a basic foxtel entertainment pack + sports pack + the afl channel(s) and a digital newspaper sub.. but with the added benefit of paying for the streaming data instead of over cable/satellite. lol – yeah good luck with that.


    Not wrong. Foxtel’s basic cable/satellite package costs less than this, but when you factor in sports and entertainment, this is a bit cheaper .. good value if you want this stuff and can stream it over your home WiFi or something else not too expensive, but rather poor value if you’re stuck with streaming over your mobile broadband.


    But isn’t this just a saving of a few cents off the normal price of Play? Normally it’s $10 + $29 + $5 for Lifestyle + Sport + News Corp. This is $43.33 a month, so a 67c saving? Considering a lot of Foxtel subscribers would have no interest in the news subscription, this is actually an anti-deal. It really does look like free advertising for Foxtel.


    This is an advertisement not a blog post and copied from a publicity document.


    It’s not an advertisement, but you’re right, it’s basically just sharing something that Foxtel sent to us. Why? Because there’s bound to be someone who thinks this is a good deal and wants to sign up.

    However, I’m not personally convinced it’s much of a good deal, but to each their own.


    “But it’s not just sports, with the Lifestyle package which includes channels such as E!, TLC, Lifestyle Food and more, as well as a bunch of channels that Foxtel throws in for free”

    No. That’s just a shady way for Foxtel to sell sport lovers something they don’t want. It’s not “free”. It’s factored into the price. This is same old story from Foxtel. I want sport, and only sport, or GTFO.


    Can’t really disagree; Foxtel knows that the only way it’ll make money is from its sports exclusives, and the rest of its content is just there for those who can’t find something better to watch. We only have Foxtel for A-League matches, and if the A-League was broadcast elsewhere, we wouldn’t have Foxtel anymore. Netflix and other services offer more interesting original programming than Foxtel ever could.


    100% this.


    I refuse to give News Corp my money, so I live with not watching A-league matches, other than the rare Friday night when I’m actually home. Netflix + Spotify covers everything else.