LG will be releasing a new phone in the next week, but rather than just wait for their press announcement on February 26th they seem determined to show off all the features first. This time around it’s water resistance.

LG has promised a more ‘reliable’ phone when they release the G6, and part of reliability is not having to worry about your phone getting wet. The teaser video, called LG G6 : Water Resistant – says it all really. There’s no promise of an IP rating, but we hope it will be up to the standards of competitors like Samsung and Sony who offer IP68 dust and water resistance on their phones.

But, without further ado, the teaser:

We already know about the screen (5.7-inch 2K resolution in 18:9 Aspect ratio), the processor (Snapdragon 821), upgraded DAC and the cameras (13MP 125-degree wide-angle on the rear), so at this stage we’re looking at a few minor details before we know everything and at this rate, LG will tell us that before the end of the week.

Chris will be at the February 26th LG event and will be showing what LG has to offer this year from the G series.