Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 is expected to make its first public appearance at Mobile World Congress in the next few days, but a system dump from the tablet has apparently leaked some key features from the Galaxy S8.

The system dump, obtained by Android Police, contained clip art which show how to use some of the features on the Galaxy S8, including the controversial rear mounted finger print sensor, the desktop dock, and as a bonus shows off the new on-screen buttons.

The fingerprint sensor, which previous leaks have shown will be mounted on the rear has been confirmed by this shot. It does seem as though the virtual finger is hovering above the heart-rate sensor below the flash as the fingerprint sensor is on the right of the camera sensor:

Next up is the desktop dock, known as DeX Dock which will apparently use a HDMI connector to connect to a monitor which will prompt your Galaxy S8 (or S8 Plus presumably) to display a destkop like interface.

Lastly, if you’ve been pleased with Samsung’s apparent decision to rid themselves of the physical home key, as well as the capacative buttons on the Galaxy S8 then here’s a shot of the on-screen keys. The key layout is the same as previous Galaxy Sx models with the back key on the right, and multi-tasking on the left. There may be some confusion for Pixel or Nexus owners jumping onto the S8 with the Home button represented by a square, which is usually reserved for multi-tasking on stock Android.

The Galaxy S8 is rumoured to be launched at an event in New York City on March 29th, so we’re almost there. Samsung has been historically quite quick to get their phones to market so it shouldn’t be too long before you’re holding one of these in your hands – if this is the phone for you.

Source: Android Police.
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Back key on the *right, multi key on the *left

Daniel Tyson

Whoops. Fixed.


Sadly.. wish you had it right!


Weird place for fingerprint reader


Yup. Kinda dumb, really

Jamie S

I still think LG might be on a winner this year with the G6


The fact that it’s on the back?
I like it on the back on my Nexus 6P, think it’s a great place to have it.

Although that fingerprint reader on the S8 looks to be tiny so I wonder how it works… do you just touch it or do you have to slide your finger over it
And how quickly it will work