Square is well known for their mobile payments dongle and service, which lets small businesses accept credit and debit card payments, but today Square is launching Virtual Terminal to let them process them when they’re in the office as well.

The Square Dashboard will show a Virtual Terminal to users, allowing them to key payments from Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards manually into the system for processing. This expands the types of sales businesses can offer including accepting phone orders, back-office payments or mail orders.

Square has been well known for their low pricing when it comes to processing transactions, and for payments processed through the Virtual Terminal, Square has again done well with each transaction processed for just 2.2% of the transaction total.

A number of features which will be familiar to current Square users are inluded in the Virtual Terminal, which allows it to be a simple solution for businesses including:

  • No need for extra devices: Accept mail order, telephone and business payments quickly and securely from your web browser or Dashboard. No additional hardware required.
  • Send digital receipts: Personalise your digital receipt and send via SMS or email.
  • Empower your workforce: Enable employees to accept Square payments from their mobile devices or laptops while they’re on the road, without investing in new hardware.
  • See every payment: Track every payment you accept alongside every other payment processed with Square (whether that’s face to face, online or using Square Invoices) in your Dashboard.

With the introduction of a virtual terminal, Square now offers businesses a convenient way to process sales almost anywhere. Their recent introduciton of a web payments API for payments processing allows them to accept payments on the go, at Point of Sale, on the web and now in the office.

The system will go live today, so if you’re interested you can check out the Square Virtual Terminal website.

Source: Square.