Developers, developers, developers! It may not have been a Google CEO who screamed this at a keynote, but Google loves developers and wants you to join them for their annual developer conference in Mountain View and the time to apply for the opportunity is now.

Google has opened applications for developers to attend Google I/O 2017, which is again at Shoreline Amphitheatre this year and runs from May 16th to May 19th. Like previous years, Google is holding a lottery for tickets to Google I/O with the window to apply for a ticket to open from now until 5pm on February 27th (12 Noon AEDT on February 28th for those playing at home). The winners of the application process being announced on February 28th (March 1st here in Australia).

The cost of a ticket to attend Google I/O has gone up again this year with the price now $1175US ($1525AUD) for a standard ticket, or $375 ($487) for a student ticket. When you apply, you’ll need a Google account and a pre-authorisation will be made on your credit card, but released if you don’t win the option to pay for a ticket, so be prepared for that.

Google promises to have 3 days of hard-core coding as well as fun at the event, and from attending the last couple of years it’s a rocking good time, but a lot of work.

If you’re interested in applying for Google I/O then head over to the Google I/O website now.

Source: Google I/O.