For anyone who wants to know I think that Moto Mods are possibly the most innovative thing to arrive on smarthpones for several years. There are so many posibilities and the implementation “just works”. Of course when someone buys a phone with this sort of innovation you may be concerned about the number of modules available and the support for the system going forwards – remember the LG G5 modules?

Recently at their re-launch in Pakistan with the new trademark “Lenovo Moto” Lenovo General Manager Middle East for Smartphones Sharay Shams told The Express Tribune that Lenovo believe that their Moto Mods have “revolutionised the smartphone industry with innovation which remained stagnant for the last 10 years”. He further went on to say that:

The company will introduce 12 Mods this year, which will remain compatible with the phones to be introduced by the company over the next three years

It seems that support will not be an issue for the Moto Mods and Lenovo are throwing their weight behind it. You would think that if it was successful support would continue well past the three years. What it does do though is lock them into producing phones that are very similar in size etc from one year to the next so that the Moto Mods will continue to be compatible with the new devices. They can always make the display side of the phone different while keeping the back, modular attachment section the same or similar enough to guarantee compatibility.

The twelve new Moto Mods coming this year will hopefully be some of the innovative winners we have seen from the Indiegogo partnership and the Hackathons which threw up some very innovative ideas.

Another interesting piece of information is that they have sold three million units of the smartphone but only 50% of buyers purchased a Moto Mod at the same time — this doesn’t account for buyers who purchase a Moto Mod at a later date.

I for one am very glad that Lenovo are sticking with the Moto Mods and if the Pixels hadn’t come along I would have bought a Moto Z now. What about you? Did you buy a Moto Mod compatible phone? What mods have you purchased for it so far? What is your take on the whole Moto Mod concept?

Source: The Express Tribune.
Via: GSM Arena.
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Phill Edwards

Huh? They announced 12 mods this year…But didn’t say what they are??


lol… i know right. We think announcement is coming this weekend at MWC. Chris is all over it apparently

Das boot

I got the JBL speaker with my moto z play AND it’s great BUT apart from the battery pack (dont need it right now as the z play gets unbelievable battery life already), theres nothing that really interests me or is affordable ! Projector is cool but it costs almost as much as the phone did.


I bought the JBL speakers and battery mod the day I bought the phone, and I love it. Friends and family are astounded at how much sound comes from a *phone*! With the battery mod, my Moto lasts a couple of days without charging. I just wish the screen was larger. I previously had a Nexus 6, and I miss the big screen.


cost is extremely prohibitive- something i definitely made note of in my review. They won’t take off until they are affordable.


I’ve got a Z Play and love it, but I haven’t grabbed any mods yet.
Maybe if the battery starts to drop in a year or so I might grab the battery mod.
Initially I was hoping someone would do one with LED notifications but I don’t miss LEDs as much as I thought I would.


do you need a battery mod? I found the battery life on the moto Z to be amazing anyway. My fave was the camera mod.


I don’t need a battery mod yet, but I assume the battery will deteriorate over time. That’s when I’ll pick one up.


I’m still waiting for Oz to get access to the vehicle dock mod…

*side-eye at Moto AU*


I’m yet to see a single compelling mod if I’m honest. Not ruling the concept out but I think Motorola have a lot of thinking to do if they want this to work.


i suspect thats why they outsourced it all. Let the creative folks out there come up with decent ideas and help them sell more phones that way… which is why I’m surprised they are just not fully funding the hackathon winners outright…