LG is going square with the LG G6 and their latest iteration of their UX, it’s to support the new 18:9 aspect ratio of the screen which given it’s basically symmetrical allows them to do a lot of perfectly side-by-side stuff, like previewing your camera shots.

In their latest teaser video, LG has shown what they mean when they described the 1:1 aspect ratio of the split display is perfect for taking and reviewing photos specificially for services like Instagram that were built on the square photo. The instant snap, review experience on UX 6.0 looks incredibly smooth, but with a 125-degree wide angle view on that rear camera, you can see in the video below that this is going to be a specific mode – ‘Square’ – that you employ rather than a standard shooting window.

But, enough of that, here’s how it looks:

We’re getting very excited for the LG G6, it looks great, has some decent specs and the camera looks pretty great. We’ll see more about it in just a few days.

Source: LG Global YouTube.