Evan Blass has been busy today. He has leaked press renders of both the LG G6 and also the Huawei P10. Not finished there, here has also leaked out a specs sheet of the other flagship set to be released in the coming weeks, the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

According to the specs sheet revealed by Evan Blass, the Galaxy S8+ will arrive in two versions, a curved display version and a flat/rectangular display version. The curved version will be a 6.1in display while the flat verison will be a 6.2in display, both massive quad HD+ Super AMOLED displays. There will be a 12MP “Dual Pixel” rear camera and a 8MP front facing camera with iris scanning capabilities.


The Galaxy S8+ will only be IP68 dust and water resistant. There will be 64GB of on-board storage and 4GB of RAM to keep it all ticking along smoothly. It will also include wireless charging capabilities (Are Samsung the only manufacturer to still have this?). All these specs seem to be consistent with previous leaks and considering the source is @EvLeaks we will go on the assumption that it is legit.

Nothing in the specs really blows me away, although with a display this large we can see why Samsung are doing away with the hardware capacitive buttons. Imagine trying to fit a 6.2in display in a device that is NOT a tablet while including capacitive buttons. Hopefully Samsung will do something innovative with their software as they really need to come out swinging after the Note 7 fiasco. They will be making an annoucement regarding the Galaxy S8 announcement at MWC this week.

Do you agree? What are your thoughts on this leak and phone? Is it your next?

Source: @EvLeaks.
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Meh specifications, should be the specs for the S8 while the S8+ should’ve received 6GB RAM and 128GB as minimum. l hope it’s a mistake.


this size thing is just getting completely out of hand* IMO. the first very successful “phablet” i remember was the galaxy note, clocking in at 5.3″. the corresponding samsung device that year was the galaxy s2 at 4.3″.

my wife has an iphone 6 plus and at 5.5″ it’s way too big for me. i’m clinging to hope that sony stick to the smaller phone and ride out all the QHD nonsense but my hopes are fading.

* sorry/not sorry about this pun guys

Yianni soc

Totally agree,… With the exception that even though it’s a 5.8″ Screen the actual phone is about the same size as a galaxy s7. Or slightly larger than an iPhone 7,and probably smaller than the smaller Pixel.
So it’ll still fit in the hand, it’s the “reachability” I’m worried about.


Iris scanner!? The future is here!


Yep pretty blinding future…

Daniel Narbett

What’s the deal with the “rounded corners” – does that actually mean rounded edges, or is the display itself going to be rounded? Or is the screen rectangular but the case has rounded corners?

David Mcmillan

This Evan Blass dude didn’t even get the leaks of the note 7 correct when it was a week before release

Yianni soc

Why doesn’t anyone mention that there is no spec listed for fingerprint scanner.
Is it just a given that it will have one? That’s a pretty big omission to have from a spec sheet.

And i’m glad they left wireless charging in there still.

Ross Gelling

The finger print scanner is on the back of the device beside the camera. Its position is being widely criticised. Personally I’d hate to have to pick up a phone to unlock it.


It will have iris scanner, will that help?

Yianni soc

There’s been no shots of the back showing it’s a fingerprint sensor tho. And the specs sheet say Dual rear camera?
It’d be interesting if there’s no FP scanner and just iris. That’d make more sense.


What about the battery? Internal, removable and/or fireproof?


Just waiting for the price shock, exclusive to Australia.