There it is folks, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab S3 shown off in all its glory, complete with keyboard accessory. This image, shared by Evan Blass overnight, gives us a great look not only at the Galaxy Tab S3 itself, but also what’s likely to be a rather popular accessory, a specially-designed keyboard dock.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t really tell us too much more about the Galaxy Tab S3 than is already known, but here’s the round-up of the rumours thus far:  the Galaxy Tab S3 will feature a 9.6-inch, 2,048 x 1,536 display, Qualcomm’s well tested Snapdragon 820 processor, and 4 GB of RAM on board. Android Nougat should be no surprise, which will give a nice big tablet like this some welcome tablet features, such as resizable app windows. The Galaxy Tab S3 is expected to be announced in WiFi and Cellular models, though it’s unclear whether cellular models will be released here, as they aren’t always. Rumours also suggest the inclusion of the popular S-Pen, either as an in-box accessory, or one that actually fits into the tablet’s body like it does on the Note line.

Time will tell, and there’s not much time left, with the announcement rumoured to take place Sunday night in Barcelona (which will be Monday morning back home).

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I would rather get the TabPro S over this…