Limitations on hardware availability from the Google Store have taken a strange twist overnight, with Google apparently allowing anyone to buy goods from the Google Store in any country – but there are still limits.

The limitation on purchasing hardware, such as the great range of home automation equipment or Android Wear devices from the US has been removed, though you can still only ship the hardware to an address in that country.

The journey to purchasing hardware in other country starts at simply select a country you want to purchase Google hardware from and you can then add it to your basket, pay for it and have it shipped to an address in that country.

This of course makes it easy to ship to a shipping forwarder such as ComGateway, Shipito or many others – or send some lovely Google hardware as a gift to someone in another country.

It’s not clear whether this is a new feature of the Google Store, or simply a bug that will be patched soon. As regular customers of hardware from the US Google store, this could be great if it hangs around – now we just need those lovely LG Android Wear watches back in stock.

Source: Google Store.
Via: Android Police.
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    I just tried to purchase a Google Home from the US Google store but the purchase transaction was declined because my registered credit cards are australian while the delivery address was my US comGateway address.


    Shipito will provide you a US credit card to use for a small fee.


    Thanks. That’s a good future option. For this time i will use comGateway’s own ‘buy for me’ service. Again for a small fee.


    I have a David Jones Amex and that works for me. I’ve purchased a google home with it.