To say Google Allo has had a mixed reception is a massive understatement. It was our first introduction to Google Assistant but unfortunately aside from Google Assistant it did not seem to have much going for it. Since that first release Google have been hard at work improving the whole Allo experience and today we have seen evidence of a solution one of the biggest issues people have with Allo, desktop integration.

Today Nick Fox, VP, Communications Products at Google has tweeted out a sneak peek of Google Allo running on a desktop. The image he tweeted out can be seen below and shows multiple conversations but it is unknown if those are continued on from a mobile device. The desktop screenshot DOES show the use of Google Assistant within the web app, as well as stickers.

At this stage you cannot be signed into Allo on more than one mobile device. The creation of a desktop app may signal a change in this policy. We can only hope so. Nick says in the tweet that they are still in the early stages of development so we wouldn’t expect to see this anytime soon.

Do you use Allo? Why or why not?

Source: Nick Fox Twitter.
Via: 9to5Google.
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Darren Ferguson

Wife and I use it and the instant replies are amazing. One tap to reply from the notification bar.
Use hangouts for all else though due to features.


No friends use it and uninstall it long time ago.

Mark McLeod

*cough SMS cough* this doesn’t make it any better.


It’s still not going to be a proper replacement for Hangouts until it has multi device support (via the app), SMS and deep links to Duo for video.
And with Hangouts getting “heavy encryption” by default soon it’s going to widen the gap even more.