The upcoming Huawei presser at Mobile World Congress just got a lot more interesting with the leak of the so far rumoured sport version of the Huawei Watch 2.

Leaker extraordinaire Evan Blass is behind this leak, reporting on Venture Beat about the new watch. The watch will include cellular capabilities as well as what appears to be a removable watch band unlike the recently released LG Watch Sport.

Also shown is that the watch will have only two buttons, though whether they are using the new digital crown style of the LG Watch Sport isn’t clear. Other sporty features such as heart rate monitor which can be seen clearly in the press renders below. Charging will be via pogo pins, so expect another proprietary cradle or cable to be included in the box.

The watches have been leaked in three colours, a Black, Orange and a Grey option with an interesting paint spattered ‘speckled’ look.

The Ausdroid team will be on the ground at Mobile World Congress and we’ll hopefully be bringing you news of Australian availability for the Huawei Watch 2, as well as whatever else Huawei will be launching at MWC.

Source: Venture Beat.
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Let’s hope they don’t abandon or delay any plans of updating the original Huawei Watch to Wear 2.0, I’d love the new Watch 2 but Huawei are so far fairly crappy with support and updates.


LG and Google Watch who? Huawei seem to have a much better looking watch than the crap LG have made. Their snub of Australia means nothing now. Love my Huawei Watch, think I’ve found the perfect replacement for my weekend watch (SW3)… the black one please.. orange is too funky for a plain person like myself

Was thinking the same thing re the bezel…. we’ll find out in a few days.

Yianni soc

the black reminds me of my old LG G Watch R; esp. the Big bezels.
Have gotten used to the tiny bezels on my Huawei Watch. Also the bands look to be replaceable with any 20/22mm band, which is great!
I think you’re right, this will be the upgrade this year!
My other options were; Gear S3 (not android wear), and LG Watch Sport isn’t coming to Australia (with my luck on LG products, i’ll need alot of local warranty).

Dan Goodes

Hot damn, I love this so hard!

I would assume (?) that the bezel rotates, a-la Gear S2/S3, as a replacement for the “digital crown”.

Dan Goodes

Aaaaand no. No the bezel does not rotate. Meaning this thing has no rotational input at all. And the screen is a full 0.2″ smaller than the OG Huawatch, which was already a little on the tiny side for my liking. So close, and yet still so far from what I want in a watch.