In the past yearOptus have been very proactive when it comes to music and media streaming. Last year they offered data-free streaming from selected music services which was received very well from their customers. Now they are also offering a three month trial subscription to the world’s most popular music streaming service, Spotify.

The Spotify Premium service “offers users an ad-free, on-demand experience with superior sound quality options and the ability to play music through a range of devices including phone, tablet, computer, Roku, PlayStation, and Smart TVs. With Spotify Premium users can also sync their favourite music to play offline when they don’t have an internet connection.” All new Spotify customers can currently receive a 30-day trial of Spotify Premium through their website.

Now, Optus are offering a Spotify Premium trial subscription to all customers who are members of the Optus Perks loyalty program or users who have received a coupon code from Optus. Unfortunately, this offer is not open to current or former Spotify Premium subscribers, even if you have only used a trial of Spotify Premium in the past. I was one of these people, having previously tested out Spotify Premium but although I was able to use my usual address to claim/buy the perk I was unable to register that email address with Spotify having used it with them before. Easy solution, use a different address at Spotify.

Of note is the fine print that after 3 months your credit card will automatically be charged the Spotify Premium price of $11.99 per month unless you cancel the subscription prior. The offer is available until May 31, 2017 so make use of it if you want to test out a new streaming music service (or just want the freebie). Head on over to the Optus Perks website to claim this perk for yourself.

Anyone here use Spotify? Do you find it better than the other streaming music services? Why? Convince me.

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Thanks for the info. Signed up straight away.

Seems to be a bigger library than Google Play Music but not liking the app as much.