It’s a leaky time of year. Each manufacturer seems to orchestrate hype for their upcoming devices through official and “unofficial” leaks. We have seen many unofficial leaks regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8 and today, courtesy of @EvLeaks, we see the first official leak.

With the hashtag #itson Evan Blass has tweeted out what appears to be a press image of the shape a Galaxy S8 phone with an encouragement to sign up to receive information on the “Next Galaxy” as it is announced.

This seems most likely to be a screen capture of a webpage or interactive email image linking to a sign up site. While it does not give much away it does confirm the presence of a curved display. The shape itself does not look dissimilar to Galaxy phones of previous years.

The white bezels at the top and bottom of the phone in the image may represent the bezels on the phone. This could well be deliberate to emphasise the large display to body ratio that the Samsung Galaxy S8 phones are expected to have. Now that they have dispensed with hardware capacitive buttons and moved the fingerprint reader next to the camera on the back of the phone this ratio will be greater than Samsung have ever had.

Samsung are not expected to announce the Galaxy S8 at MWC this coming week but are expected to announce the announcement for it. Talk about stringing us out. I suspect they are going to hold their announcement and then have the release days later (if not the same day) to capitalise on all the hype they expect to make with the announcement.

Are you ready for more Galaxy S8 leaks or are you over all the leaks and just want to see the phones? Do leaks work for you? Do they build up your hype for wanting a phone?

Source: EvLeaks Twitter.
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I can’t wait for everyone who demanded tiny bezels getting what they want and then enduring constant unintended taps and touches (because it’s going to happen), and then stubbornly ignoring this usability quagmire.


Dear Samsung, the back button belongs on the left hand side. That is all.


Must say this is a very nice looking device with the screen almost the entire front of the device. I just need to decide whether to dive in a get one of these when they release or hold out for my beloved Note series to be updated around August…maybe…??

Mike Stevens

Official… leak..?

Looks good though, glad to see them switching to on-screen buttons.

Gregory Williams

‘Official leaks’, also known as advertisements.