Good news everyone, the long awaited Nougat update for the HTC 10 has apparently started rolling out to Vodafone customers today.

The update is still listed as ‘waiting feedback from HTC’ on the Vodafone Australia website which was updated last week, but a few days make all the difference with Twitter user @VicJunYang who posted this screenshot. The screenshot shows the size of the update as 1.19GB and as HTC suggest, you may want to be on Wi-Fi before you download the update.

So far Telstra hasn’t updated their software update page to even acknowledge the update, but according to the Optus Software update page, they’re currently testing the Nougat update, which includes a VoLTE feature update as well with intentions to roll it out before the end of February.

We do like the HTC 10 and can’t wait to see what the Nougat update can add to the software experience.

Have you received the Nougat update for the HTC 10? Which carrier or store did you get yours from?

Via: @VicJunYang.
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    Still no updates on the HTC 10 with Telstra. Telstra are even refusing to acknowledge if they have received the update for testing from HTC.

    Timothy Burton

    Received HTC 10 update on Telstra yesterday… Thank you!

    Timothy Burton

    Android 7.0 security updates 1st January.

    James Cychowski

    Friend of mine hasn’t received his yet his on telstra network with his htc10


    Impossible, did you buy your phone from Telstra?

    Christophe C.

    I have an unbranded HTC10 on Virgin and my OTA update turned up last night. Finally!

    Michael “Smarty” Smart

    I’m a Telstra customer and have the S7 and I’ve been checking my phone for the Nougat update and Yes its finally here…

    Nagarjuna Vankayalapati

    Everytime i check for update it has been saying this “there was an unexpected error and file system may be corrupted” !! Since 4 or 5 months .. any suggestions why


    Off topic, but annoying that Vodafone haven’t released a single update for my wife’s huawei p9, it’s still on September security update. And they have the audacity to say that huawei aren’t giving them updates? Plus my s7 edge is on 7.0, no sign or mention of 7.1.1. I’m new to Vodafone, is this par for the course for them? Btw congrats HTC 10 owners, welcome to nougat!

    Branden Aye Tremblay

    the vodafone htc one m9 is also receiving nougat as well (as of the 24th) but i’ve got battery drain issues even after a reset.

    James Cychowski

    On optus with HTC 10 haven’t received the nougat update yet..


    Yep, downloading the update now. HTC 10 retail from JB Hifi.


    Should also add that I’m on the Vaya (Optus) network.


    I’m Aus unbranded and I have my update also ?