It might not be widely known, but those with a vision impairment may struggle to use some of the technology that those with vision take for granted. I have a personal stake in this, as my son is vision impaired as a result of his continuing battle with cancer.  

The dot watch is bridging the gap between fully sighted users and vision impaired.

Since we first noticed it in 2015, there has been a fairly impressive evolution from the original design. From a wearable comparable to the MiBand, now a slick looking smartwatch. Sporting a set of notification capabilities including a 7 day battery, the dot watch can deliver most of the functionality to vision impaired users that we enjoy from our smartphones and watches on a daily basis already.

If you know anyone with a vision impairment, make sure you let them know about dot. It could be a device that genuinely changes their life.

Imagine your life without vision… Share what you would miss the most and a solution to excluding vision impaired from that activity

Source: DotinCorp.