As far as note taking apps go we’re pretty into Google Keep, and from today it’s going to be easy to turn those Keep notes into documents in Google Docs.

Google has announced that as well as bringing Google Keep to G Suite users, everyone can now get easy access to their Google Keep notes with a new Keep notepad that you can switch on via the Tools menu.

The Keep notepad is essentially the entire Keep app, you can drag and drop notes, pictures and lists from the Keep notepad into Docs. As well as dragging and dropping content you can also search your Keep library for notes, and more. You can even add a new Keep note from the notepad in Docs.

The Keep Notepad is available in Google Docs right now, so if, like us, you’re a big Keep fan you can now use it to create Docs a lot more easily.

Source: Google Blog.
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    Perhaps I’ve missed something, but I’ve used G-Suite and formally Google Apps for Business, for 12+ months now (since starting our business) and Keep has always been in there. Used it from day one.

    Is there something about Keep that wasn’t previously included in G-Suite?