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There’s some decent deals this week on Google Play with RE-VOLT Premium and Piano Melody Pro reduced in price to just 20c each for the next week.

Google Play App Deal of the Week

Piano Melody Pro

Ever wanted to tinkle the ivories but never had the inclination to actually spend the hours practicing scales? Then Piano Melody Pro is for you. The app teaches you to play all your favourite tunes simply by learning the tune.

Featuring over 600 songs from a wide variety of genres and eras. There’s Rock, Classical, The Latest Pop, Film Theme Tunes, TV Theme Tunes and hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Naughties and more.

The on-screen piano can be resized to fit all types of devices from phones to tablets. You can shrink the keys to see up to three octaves, or have them full sized to match a real grand piano.

A digitised Grand Piano makes all the sounds for you, so you’ll feel like a real professional piano player in no time.

There’s no in-app purchases or advertising in Piano Melody Pro so it’s just you and those black and white keys. If you’re interested jump on over to Google Play and grab it now.

Piano Melody Pro
Piano Melody Pro
Developer: Learn To Master
Price: $24.99

Google Play Game Deal of the Week

RE-VOLT Classic 3D (Premium)

If you love remote control cars then you’re in for a treat with RE-VOLT Classic 3D.

I first played this game on PC back in the 90’s and quickly became addicted. It’s all the fun of remote control car racing without the hassle of breaking down on the side of a track…or having a real car run over your vehicle.

With 14 tracks and 42 cars including electric and gas-powered cars to race you’ll have hours of fun racing these vehicles through streets, ships, wild west ghost towns and more. You can choose between Championship and Single Race modes to really test your RC mettle.

The game has been re-configured for touch controls so it’s ready to race as soon as you purchase. Unfortunately you’ll find In-App Purchases in Re-Volt, so if you want certain cars etc. you’ll have to pay a little extra to get them. Still, it’s a pretty damn good game.

If Re-Volt sounds like your kind of game, head over to Google Play and grab it while it’s on-sale.

RE-VOLT Classic 3D (Premium)
RE-VOLT Classic 3D (Premium)
Developer: SUPERDAY
Price: To be announced

Last weeks deals for Guns’n’Glory Premium and Tiny Planet FX Pro are still discounted to 20c each for a limited time so grab them while you can.

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    A flood of memories just came surging back when I watched that Re-Volt video and the menu soundtrack came in.