Kong: Skull Island opens in cinemas in Australia next week but if you’re a brave explorer you can head over to Kong Island right now thanks to Google Maps.

You can head over to Skull Island in Google Maps right now and like any good ‘holiday’ destination you can read reviews left by previous visitors or even write your own and leave a rating. The island currently has a 3.0 rating thanks to a few ‘incidents’ like teh local fauna almost eating someones pet, but there’s a few good reviews to read there.

The island is located south-east of Hawaii, and while there’s a pin in the global map it doesn’t actually appear charted on the map if you zoom in. You also can’t get directions to the island, at least not yet, but Google may work something in. You can get a good look around thanks to the nearly 200 photos uploaded which also include 360-degree panoramas.

There’s a link to the ‘discover Skull Island‘ tourism website if you want to check that out as well. That website has an actual map of the island as well as plotted points to check out.

If you’re getting revved up for Kong: Skull Island then this might be a bit of fun to check out.

Source: Google Maps.
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    Peter Kokodakis

    It’s interesting how you’ve linked the Australian Skull Island and not the one in the Pacific. Anything interesting going on in Australia? 🙂