Samsung began rolling out their Nougat update to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge recently, and even though the update was meticulously tested it looks like Optus users are having issues, but there’s a fix.

The Optus software testing team has identified an issue in the update and while they’re working with Samsung to get it fixed at the source so no further handsets are affected, for those who do have the issue there’s a workaround. Optus is advising that to fix the issue you simply have to switch Voice over LTE (VoLTE) on. Yep, that’s it. It apparently

What is IMS Services? Well, IMS is IP Multimedia Subsystem, and it’s basically to do with routing calls over an IP based system or bascically it seems that Wi-Fi calling is the issue.

The error has affected more than just Optus users with a quick search of the internet showing this at least affected the AT&T update in the US as well.

If you’re having the issue, try that out and you should be right to go. If you need help with turning VoLTE on, then head over to

Source: Optus.
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Dave TheMan

It is appalling it took so long to get this lit to the public. VoLTE worked for me. I googled for hours to no avail. My phone was a brick for 36 hours till I got onto Samsumg.

Fix was less than 10 minutes online once onto Samsung.

Should have been a patch that auto changed settings

Daniel M

I fixed it by downloading Google’s messenger app and setting it as default messaging app. Rebooted the phone switched the default messenger app back to messages. Haven’t had the issue since.

Daniel P

They waited way too long to release this fix. Especially because Samsung were telling people affected to send their hands back to be repaired. Luckily with a bit of Google searching it was easy enough to come across this info even the day after the update went live for Optus. Also since a few days ago, there has been a new update for the phones that has fixed this all together, so really this article is giving outdated info