Looks like HP is joining Asus and Acer in getting into the education Chromebook market with a new convertible format Chromebook announced by Google today.

The HP Chromebook x360 11 G1 is a ruggedised education focused Chromebook, though little is known about what’s inside the device. It’s got a 360-degree hinge, it runs USB-CTM charging, comes with a Stylus and with the convertible form factor a ‘world-facing camera’, the launch is set for April, at which time we should know more about the device.

The announcement was made in a post that was highlighting the dominance of Chromebooks in the Swedish education market. We’ve seen a strong showing of Chromebooks in the education market here in Australia but obviously not enough to warrant their own blog post yet.

We’ll be approaching HP to find out if this model will be making its way down under next week.

Source: Google.
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I would like to have this device so badly. I am constantly looking for new devices that would help me with time management and planning my day. I have been wanting to have the Google Eye for years now, but U have read some contradictory comments about it. Now when I have discovered the new Chromebook, I know I would have so many things done with this device and I would have more chances to get better grades at school. Thanks for the informative and fascinating article.