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Since Google started Beta testing things like Google Search we’ve been treated to a look into the future of some of what Google is doing, and the latest Google apps to get the Beta treatment are GBoard, Google’s renamed keyboard, and Google Play Services – the backbone of Google’s services on Android.

The Beta’s aren’t terribly exciting, at least at this stage, but there are some changes. Joining the GBoard Beta update will update your app to version 6.1 and about the only change we can see is that you can now translate text in the app. The translation requires you to send the text you want translated back to Google, but that’s still handy.

As for Google Play Services – well, we can’t see anything exciting there. It’s probably one of those things that may get you access to features faster like maybe Google Assistant if you’re running Android Marshmallow or Nougat.

If you want, you can join the GBoard Beta by clicking here, or the Google Play Services Beta by clicking here.

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    Dean Rosolen

    I don’t see a Google Play Services beta testing link.

    EDIT: Found it. It’s next to Sources. The second “clicking here” text should’ve been a link to that beta page.

    Daniel Tyson

    Added it in to the body now. Cheers