Since the launch of Android Pay in Australia we have seen a slow, and slowing, roll out of the service to more and more Banks, Credit unions etc. This week Android Pay in Australia got its 48th partner, Family First Credit Union.

Family First has had the addition of Android Pay listed as ‘Coming Soon’ on their website for some time and as a Cuscal partner, they’ve been expected to announce Android Pay for their customers for some time. Family First’s website lists their Visa Debit Access card as compatible with Android Pay.

Family First has also been added to the list of supported banks in Australia on the official Android Pay website.

With Android Pay recently being announced on Android Wear and several new Android Wear devices now having been launched that include NFC and Android Wear 2.0 you now have even more options to pay. We got an unofficial demonstration of Android Pay on wear whilst at MWC and can confirm that it’s everything we hoped and dreamed it could be.

If you’re a Family First Credit Union member you should be able to add your Visa Debit Access card to the app, let us know how you go.

Google Pay
Google Pay
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Android pay really gives me a good chance to know there are so many credit union in Australia which I never seen even heard before. Unfortunately because of mortgage, I am still with CBA and it will never let me use Android pay.


just a thought TT, my Credit card is not with the same bank as my mortgage, i just set up the direct debit to pay the closing balance every month, simple. It’s easy, automated and best of all Android Pay compatible……

It’s easy to pick and choose who you get different services from, don’t be a prisoner because of 1banking product.


Changing financial institutions isn’t for everyone, but it may be an option worth exploring. There are low rate, low/no fee cards with supported banks and other institutions that might be worth a look. Granted, I don’t have a mortgage, and moved my banking to ANZ so I could use Android Pay, and haven’t looked back. I know others who are mortgaged who have done similar, but we feel your pain – it isn’t always easy to do, or practicable for some.

Jarryd Howard

Still waiting on stgeorge if that ever happens


Seriously thinking of ditching them and using ING, sick of waiting..