Google Photos is one of those services which once you’ve used it you can’t go back. The service has received meaningful incremental updates since it launched and the latest is auto white balance correction.

Google announced the latest update in a post on tips for making your photos ‘pop’, saying:

when you open the photo editor in Google Photos and select a look, we’ll not only correct exposure and saturation, we’ll also automatically correct the white balance in the image. And if you want to tweak it even more, just go into Color and adjust the Warmth and Tint.

Google provided these before and after sample pictures to demonstrate:

Auto white balance correction rolling out to the Android app and the web app in the next week and Google intends to bring it to the iOS app – but not just yet.

Google Photos
Google Photos
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Source: Google.
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    Good move. My Galaxy S7 and Pixel both add too much warmth, during processing I suspect, to the images they capture. I’m continually taking it out with Snapseed.