If you’ve been hovering on the cusp of becoming a Level 4 Local Guide, then you only have until the 17th of March to achieve your goal or you will no longer receive the bonus 100GB of Google Drive space.

Google announced the change in their regular e-mail newsletter to Local Guides that went out yesterday. The updated Google Support page for the Local Guides Drive promo now has a warning stating:

Local Guides who reach Level 4 by 11pm EST on March 17, 2017 can unlock 100GB of free Google Drive storage. The benefit must be redeemed within 30 days of being issued and is valid for one year. This promotion will expire after the cut-off date.

It’s not the first time Google has made changes to the bonus Google Drive promo for Level 4 Local Guides, the promotion used to offer 1TB of space for anyone achieving 200 Points, but it was cut back to 100GB in July last year.

It’s not terribly hard to reach 200 points, simply open the Maps tab and you can check out what’s missing for businesses around you. Spend an afternoon walking around your shopping centre and you can find quite a few details missing – all worth at least a few points if you add a couple of photos and a review at the same time.

The promo ends soon, so get in there and get to Level 4 and then try to hit Level 5…it’s only another 300 points after that ;).

Source: Google Support.
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    only for 1 year, doesn’t make sense? what am i going to do after that 1 year?


    Buy it 🙂