While the G6 is freshly announced and launching here soon in Australia, the older LG phones, specifically the LG G4 and V10 are about to get a taste of the latest with LG announcing the phones will be getting a Nougat update this year.

The announcement from LG has advised that though the V10 and G4 were designed for Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), they’ve decided to update the phones to Android 7.0 (Nougat) as well. The updates will be rolled out later this year starting with the V10 in Q2 this year, followed by the G4 in Q3. LG quarters are in line with the calendar year, so expect an update for the V10 starting from April through to June, while the G4 should expect its update to start between June and August.

The V10 never officially made it to Australia, so there’s not a lot of owners here. The G4 however was launched here, but was notorious for bootlooping, so if your phone has survived thus far, then it and the V10 will be getting a tasty treat later this year.

Source: LG.
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Michael McDermott

Well I bought a V10 grey import and that doesn’t even get marshmallow because it wasn’t actually sold in Australia according to LG Australia. So thanks LG for the offer but I doubt Nouget will available for any v10 phones in Australia. That is if I ever see it back from Eglobal Electronics. They have had the phone being repaired longer than I have had a chance to use it. What a piece of expensive junk!


Should be more like “LG announce Nougat update for surviving G4s and V10s”…


Too little too late. I am still on security patch January 2016 (over a year old). And in Q3 I am to be offered Android 7 when Android 8 is released? Seriously? LG do not care for security (by their own lack of updates). Give me a reason to buy LG phones where I do not need to buy a new phone every year just to get current security updates and current Android updates. Give me a reason LG.

Dean Rosolen

Did the G5 ever get a Nougat update?


Yep, mine did a few months ago. I should add that it is a grey import from Hong Kong (H850)